About Us

  • HDMI Investments trading as HDMI Construction Plant Hire is a 100 % black owned investment company experienced in construction plant hire.
  • HDMI Construction Hire is 50% Black women ownership.
  • HDMI Construction Hire’s main focus is on meeting the client’s requirements, within budget and on time.
  • HDMI Construction Hire offers contractual hiring for medium to long term at an affordable rate.
  • Strategic plan is to form lasting relationships with our business partners and empowerment of communities through job creation.
  • HDMI Construction Hire offers compliant and trained operators.
  • HDMI Construction Hire embodies strong values, morals and ethics and incorporate it in our daily engagements.

Our Vision is to facilitate economic development and wealth creation by selected projects and the engagement of partnerships with SME enterprises and creating employment opportunities.

Our mission is to invest quality equipment and skilled resources to a mutually benefiting partnership.

Our goal is to become a renowned profitable business entity known for quality, and reliability to our partners and projects

Providing RELIABLE planting equipment to projects
Doing business with the highest INTEGRITY and openness with our partners.
Being trusted and RESPECTED employees to our employers
Being INNOVATIVE and ground breaking in our investment decisions
Building trusted PARTNERSHIPS between our clients and project engagements
We aim to have a COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE with great prices and availablility